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LILT treatments

Your health is our top priority

Your health is in very good hands with our "Low Intensity Laser Therapy" (LILT), and the knowledge and expertise of our Registered Massage Therapist. We always strive for the best possible outcome, aiming for a healthier, pain-free life is our top priority. We have solutions for chronic pains & injuries and a whole range of conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, bulging & herniated discs, tendonitis etc.


Make a great investment to your future health and wellness - stop smoking today. With our LILT treatments for smoking cessation we help you achieve optimal health by enhancing the quality of your daily life and leading you to a sense of well-being in the future. Our program has helped many find their way to a SMOKE FREE life!

What makes Low Intensity Laser Therapy (LILT) so succesful?

The answer is very simple: "LILT treats the root of the problem, not the symptoms."
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Good to know

Whether you choose therapeutic massage alone or combine your treatments with LILT your treatments are covered by benefit plans that do offer massage therapy coverage.